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The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

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155 Suffolk St., #2R
New York
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What I Represent

I represent . . .
  • Horror
  • Mystery, Thrillers
  • Science-fiction, Fantasy
  • Women's literature
  • Arts, Cinema, Photography
  • Biography, Memoir
  • Business, Investment
  • Cooking, Food, Wine
  • Health, Diet
  • History
  • Nature, Ecology
  • Parenting, Family
  • Politics, Current affairs
  • Pop culture, Entertainment
  • Science, Technology
  • Sports
  • Travel, World cultures
  • CHILDREN'S and Y/A
  • Picture books
  • Early readers
  • Middle grade
  • Young adult


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Email queries to . . .
Submission guidelines
Evan works remotely and so will only accept email submissions. You may however, send submissions by mail to other agents at the agency according to the guidelines found at the following address:


For email submissions, I ask that you paste all materials into the body of the email in the order mentioned below. For example, if you were submitting fiction you would begin with a brief query letter, followed by your synopsis, followed by the first 50 pages of your manuscript. We will not open attachments.

For fiction, your submission should include:

-a brief query letter
-a synopsis (1-2 pages long)
-the first 50 pages (approximately) of your manuscript

For nonfiction, please include:

-a brief query letter
-a book proposal (outline of the material, sample chapters, author bio, etc.)

For picture books, please include:

-a brief query letter
-complete manuscript (text only)
- 4-5 images of sample illustrations pasted into the body of the email

Illustrators, please send:

-a brief query letter
-4-5 images of sample illustrations pasted into the body of the email
-Link to online portfolio (if applicable)

Because of the large volume of email the agency receives I will not respond to your email unless interested. If you do not hear back from me after two weeks from sending your submission, you can safely assume that I am not interested in that project. You may submit to me again if you have a new project you think might interest me or the agency, but please do not submit the same project to the agency multiple times, and please do not submit more than one project at a time.
Don't send...
  • Christian
  • Poetry
  • Puzzles, Games
  • Textbooks
  • Stage plays
  • Screenplays

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