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I represent . . .
  • African-American
  • Christian
  • Mystery, Thrillers
  • Puzzles, Games
  • Romance
  • Western
  • Women's literature
  • Biography, Memoir
  • Cooking, Food, Wine
  • Crafts, Hobbies, DIY
  • Health, Diet
  • Home, Garden
  • Music, Musicals
  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Parenting, Family
  • Pop culture, Entertainment
  • Relationships, Family
  • Religion, Spirituality, Inspiration
  • CHILDREN'S and Y/A
Some of My Authors
NONFICTION - A Few of Our Amazing Nonfiction Authors and Projects
Bill Coors and Margo Hamilton (The Will to Live)
Blue Star Press (formerly known as Blue Star Coloring, one of the world's best-selling coloring, craft, and lifestyle publishers)
Carolyn Howard-Johnson (author of the How To Do It Frugally series aka #TheFrugalBookPromoter)

FICTION - A Few of Our Amazing Fiction Authors
Darlene Franklin (inspirational)
Margaret Mizushima (mystery)
Jeff Nesbit (thriller)
Recent Books
THE HAPPY HORMONE GUIDE: A Plant-based Program to Balance Hormones, Increase Energy, & Reduce PMS Symptoms by Shannon Lyparski (Blue Star Press, 2019).
COLOR YOUR MIND: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer's and the People Who Love Them by Maria Shriver and Blue Star Press (Blue Star, 2017).
THE GRAND TOUR: 30 Years on Steel with George Jones by Tom Killen (Backbeat/Hal Leonard Books, 2018).

FICTION - A Sampling
HAVEN FOR THE DAMNED by Harry Whittington (Stark House, October 9, 2019).
LOVE'S REBIRTH: The Heart of the Midwife Collection, (Barbour Books, October 30, 2019).
NUTS FOR COFFEE: Coffee Club Mystery Series, (Barbour Books, 2019).
TRACKING GAME - Book 5 - Timber Creek K-9 by Margaret Mizushima, (Crooked Lane Books, 2018).
BURNING RIDGE - Book 4 - Timber Creek K-9 by Margaret Mizushima, (Crooked Lane Books, 2018).
HUNTING HOUR - Book 3 - Timber Creek K-9 by Margaret Mizushima, (Crooked Lane Books, 2017).
STALKING GROUND - Book 2 - Timber Creek K-9 by Margaret Mizushima, (Crooked Lane Books, 2016).
KILLING TRAIL - Book 1 - Timber Creek K-9 by Margaret Mizushima, (Crooked Lane Books, 2015).
A PRIMARY DECISION - Book 3 - Worthington Destiny Series by Jeff Nesbit with Dr. Kevin Lehman, (Revell, 2016).
A POWERFUL SECRET - Book 2 - Worthington Destiny Series by Jeff Nesbit with Dr. Kevin Lehman, (Revell, 2016).
A PRIMARY DECISION - Book 1 - Worthington Destiny Series by Jeff Nesbit with Dr. Kevin Lehman, (Revell, 2015).
DETOURS OF THE HEART: MISSadventure Brides Collection by Donna Schlachter, (Barbour Books, 2018).
A PRICKLY AFFAIR: A Bouquet of Brides Romance Collection by Donna Schlachter, (Barbour Books, 2018).
ECHOES OF THE HEART: The Pony Express Romance Collection, (Barbour Books, 2017).
CASTLES IN THE SAND: The Barefoot Brides Collection, by CJ Dunham, (Barbour Books, July 1, 2018).

9/17/19: Lauren Espy's WHIMSICAL STITCHES: A MODERN MAKERS BOOK OF AMIGURUMI to Charmdol, in an exclusive submission.
5/20/19: Libby Moore's THREAD FOLK to Anneleen Callens at ZNU on behalf of Paige Tate Select.
4/20/18: German rights to Social Media sensation Chalkfulloflove aka Sarah Klein's HAND LETTERING 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ART OF CREATIVE HAND LETTERING, to Annely Tiedemann at Fischer, on behalf of Blue Star Press.
4/5/18: Estonian rights to Cate Holahan's THE WIDOWER'S WIFE, to Nelli Pisarkova at Ersen, on behalf of Paula Munier at Talcott Notch.
11/30/17: Polish rights to Geralyn Gendreau's JUNGLE JEAN, the authorized biography of a socialite who journeyed into the Amazon rainforest and returned to write The Continuum Concept, which gave birth to the "attachment parenting" movement of the 70s, to Mamania, an imprint of Grupa Relacja.


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High on my current wishlist: mysteries, women's fiction, and outstanding nonfiction.
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  • Comix, Graphic novels
  • Erotica
  • Horror
  • Literary
  • Poetry
  • Science-fiction, Fantasy
  • Business, Investment
  • Politics, Current affairs
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  • Science, Technology
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  • Stage plays
  • Screenplays
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