E-textbooks – Do they have a future?

15 Aug 2011 1:06 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)

Today PW posted a piece about the school market and e-books and the Financial Times in the UK had a piece about how e-books are now an established form of reading.

This begs the question, how is this new technology working for the textbook market? We have seen Amazon try to break into this market a number of times (WSJ) , but there is a fundamental problem for all of the popular readers and the school market. Taking notes! As a student, you read actively – highlighting, writing notes on the margins, flagging pages so that, when needed, you have the ability to quickly find relevant information to study for the test or write the paper.

While many readers now have some form of note taking, none provide the kind of flexibility truly needed by a student of today. Copia has presented a possible solution with shared note taking on a larger screen where you have room for an extra column to see your notes alongside the book, but will they be able to gain market share in an already crowded market? Because of these unsolved problems, we have yet to see someone truly harness this huge share of the market. What are your thoughts? Send a Tweet to @digitaar or use the hashtag #aardvark to respond.

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