Pandora for Books!

17 Aug 2011 1:08 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)

Have you seen this new site called  I first learned of it through A PW tweet which sent me to this article .  Described as the “Pandora for Books”, the site links you with books that have a similar DNA as the books you enter.  I tried it with our author CW Gortner and found our other author Karleen Koen as a suggestion.

What makes this site special if it takes off, is that it is not, at least at present, influenced by outside forces in its recommendations.

It is true, as one person commented, that it will not tell you whether these are good or bad books, but it will attempt to find books with a similar feel to the one you enjoyed regardless of the book’s origins.  With bookstores closing down and many of the on-line book sites giving biased suggestions based on their relationships with publishers, it is truly refreshing to see a site that could fill a growing void.

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