Where Indie Publishers are Emerging – e-publishing

18 Aug 2011 1:09 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)

I have been fascinated about how, when discussing options our authors have to publish either new or out-of-print books, people either look at the classical publishers or self publishing. There are options in between that offer better e-royalties, curation, promotion, marketing, proofing and many of the other services we expect of classic publishers.

Of course advances are nothing to speak of … or really nothing but, as opposed to the self publishing route, this alternative does not require authors and their agents to completely reinvent themselves. The structure is more like a partnership where the publisher has much at stake to build a name and you are helping this happen.

As the Agent’s role is continually debated these days, let’s factor this in. For the resourceful Agents, drastic measures are not always necessary nor are they the best solution for our authors. Let’s do what we do best. Find the best publishers for our authors – they are still out there.

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