Read the Documents

24 Apr 2012 1:22 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)

There’s undoubtedly much more to be said about the DoJ’s lawsuit against the five original agency publishers and Apple, as well as the settlement that Hachette, Harper and S&S have agreed to.

That said, it behooves everyone who is impacted by these events (i.e. everyone involved in the publishing or selling of books) to know what assertions the lawsuit actually makes and, perhaps more importantly, what terms the settling publishers have agreed to abide by — before you have any further conversation or read any more media reports.  I’ve seen a staggering amount of ill-informed coverage about what the settlement does and doesn’t do, and I think that every one of us should know exactly what it is that we’ll be seeing as a consequence of the settlement, rather than trusting the press reports, which absurdly seem to pay no attention to what’s in the actual documents but just repeat the little bits that have already been reported.  (I know, you’re shocked!)

So, as a public service, here’s a link to the lawsuit’s page on the  DoJ’s website that contains all the relevant documents.  I particularly recommend reading the proposed Final Judgment.  It’s fascinating — and essential — reading for anyone in this business.

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