27 Jun 2012 1:23 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)

Last week when I recommended a terrific novel to a friend she said “Does B&N have it? I’ll get it right away.” Her knowing me — and trusting that I know her after so many years — clearly made a difference and it’s a great joy to be a book lover who can recommend a book someone else will love.

Amazon clearly wanted to add a touch of handselling to its storefront when it brought Sara Nelson onboard. For people in the publishing industry, here’s a book lover with a good sense of what a broad range of other readers will love.

Today’s announcement of the new Google Tablet, the Nexus 7, puts a new spin on handselling. From what I read in PC Magazine, the tablet comes with a built-in app that will recommend books, and improve its recommendations based on what the owner/reader likes to read.

IWhile I haven’t heard a name for this App yet, it won’t be Siri. But it will be eerie if, a year from now, I’m able to say I’d trust its recommendations the way I trust those of a good friend or a Sarah Nelson.

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