Author Content Sold as Subscription with no Pay-off

07 May 2013 2:04 PM | Digital Rights Committee (Administrator)
Maybe everyone else on the agent-planet is aware of this trend. Two of my clients were just contacted, each by a different organization, but for a similar purpose–Author Solutions (owned by Penguin) and Flow Media, respectively. The clients were asked to be interviewed on camera or phone for multi-media use by the company with the promise that the authors would be allowed use the tape for free to help promote their books–this benefit was hard sold. What particularly concerned me was that one client agreed without reading the fine print of the release form (and it WAS fine print) that her interview could be sold by the company–she felt she was pitched that this was a free service to aspiring writers. And now her interview is being sold as part of a subscription with no pay off for her. The other client did not agree to go forward despite the hard-sell that this was a “promotional opportunity” for her–her interview would have been part of a “CD of the month club.” Important to be alert to these services–and what it is they are actually requesting.
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