Membership Criteria

Literary Agents - Prospective members must have at least 2 years as a fulltime working agent, with at least ten reportable sales over an 18 month period, and primarily responsible for executing publishing agreements, translation or performance rights in these properties. Applications need to be accompanied by two letters of reference from current members.

Associate Agents – This category is for those not yet meeting the above requirements. Prospective members must be currently employed at an agency and should demonstrate an increasing level of responsibility. Applications need to be accompanied by a letter of reference from a full member at your current agency. Candidates must be willing to become full members when they qualify.

Dramatic Agents
– Prospective members should be principally responsible for at least 5 productions before live stage audiences in First Class, Off Broadway, LORT or New York City major institutional theaters in the previous two years. At least one such grant must have used either the Approved Production Contract of the Dramatist's Guild or be an Off Broadway production. Film and performance contracts will be considered. Two letters of reference from full members should accompany your application.

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